Software supporting Mail-Followup-To

This table shows which software supports MFT and MRT:

Software respect view[3] set manually[4] set automatically[5]
Claws Mail patch patch yes yes no no
Evolution no no yes no no no
Gnus yes yes yes yes yes ?
KMail buggy no no no no no
Mutt yes yes yes yes yes ?
Opera Mail no no yes no no no
qmail n/a n/a n/a n/a yes 1.02 no
Roundcube yes 0.5 yes 0.5 yes 0.5 MFT only no no
Seamonkey yes 2.0 yes yes[6] yes[6] yes[6] 2.0 yes[6] 2.0
SquirrelMail yes 1.4.5 no plugin no no no
The Bat! ? ? yes yes no no
Thunderbird yes 1.5 / 3.0 yes 1.5 yes[6] yes[6] yes[6] 3.0 yes[6] 3.0

Version numbers show the first version that supported the particular feature.

Other MUAs I might add to the table: Apple Mail, IMP/Horde, Lotus Notes, Mulberry, Outlook, Outlook Express, Pegasus Mail, Pine/Alpine.

Please contact me if you have updates to this information.

[1] When you reply-to-all to a message that has MFT set, your MUA will use it or can be configured to use it.
[2] When you reply-to-author to a message that has MRT set, your MUA will use it or can be configured to use it.
[3] Your MUA shows or can be configured to show MFT/MRT when viewing messages. This is not absolutely required, but makes reply behaviour more transparent. Showing all headers or the whole message source just to view MFT or MRT is cumbersome and doesn't count here.
[4] You can set MFT/MRT manually when composing a message.
[5] Your MUA can (be configured to) automatically set MFT/MRT in outgoing messages according to the message's receipient list and a preconfigured list of mailing lists you are subscribed to/that mangle Reply-To.
[6] Configurable via hidden preferences.

Claws Mail





Opera Mail





The Bat!